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PostSubject: + Henir/Henrir Spacetime   + Henir/Henrir Spacetime Icon_minitimeTue Aug 16, 2011 2:27 am

Alright, brought up by Jango and I decided to make a post on it for those of you who don't know about it.
It's a pretty fun feature by the looks of it. Anywho, versions it's released in...I'm not clear about it. For sure it's released in J Elsword so KR Elsword must have it.

Here's the gist of it:

Quote :
You fight bosses from 1st dungeons to Feita dungeons.

1st stages ~ 1 boss

2nd stages ~ 2 bosses

3rd stages ~ 3-4 bosses

4th stage 1-3 bosses

5th stage 2 bosses

After each completion of a stage you can either leave and collect cards, or continue and try to beat it all for better cards.

You can trade cards for Magic stones,Adv magic stones,Shards and armor/wep upgrade.

You will need keys to enter henir, you make it from a quest he gives you. Quest is to collect 6 or 7 shards of they key from reg dungeons to make 1 key.

One key lets you try until you leave,die or win.

*Bosses do drop boss rares
*Hell mode henrir takes away all stats and attack power besides your base + your critical stats (Not confirmed)
*Apparently damage is the same and monster's attack are scaled down to your level
*Doesn't eat stamina and you get no exp from the dungeon

+Quirks of the dungeon
-If one member decided to exit, the whole party will be forced to exit as well
-Cards are randomly distributed to the party players
-If a member d/c's, the party will continue normally
-If all members die=No cards will be distributed and they will be forced out
-All players will receive five cards; only more if they boss drops a card (Not confirmed)


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