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PostSubject: + Terminology   + Terminology Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 9:50 pm

Since people are so confused about the acronyms and terms in the game...I will list them and define them. Sounds good? If you find some not on here then please ask.

+ Jobs +

Jobs in Elsword contain the base job, first, and second job. Job change missions need to be completed to advance into the next job.

First= Lv15
Second= Lv35



Dungeon Terms:

=To run a dungeon many times until you have enough of the item or have gotten the item you wanted. Often used when a person tries to farm for a boss drop.

Grinding=To run a dungeon many times for exp. This is done when a person does not have quests at the moment or has run out of quests. This can be extremely tough when you are high lvl'd and you gain very little exp. This act can range from half an hour to as much as five or six...could be even more. Recommended to do this with a party for faster results.

Stoic=When a monster has a red outline and doesn't knockdown which is also called super armor

KD=Knockdown which is something that should not be done often in later dungeons. If a monster is knocked down, you do less damage to it. Not only that, some monsters will inflict damage to you after it gets up from a knockdown.

Official Guide here:


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